Who We Are

We’re a talented, award-winning team of producers, directors and media creatives with more than 40 years combined in the industry. And we produce and direct engaging music videos, showreels and documentary films that wow audiences.


We love creating remarkable ideas for media on big and small budgets, by sourcing and working with the best crew and up and coming talent. We’re always looking for ambitious and creative individuals to join our team.


We are:


Leah, Executive Producer

Leah Charles-King is a multi award-winning TV Broadcaster and Producer. She has presented shows for the likes of ITV, BBC, The Disney Channel and major American network Black Entertainment Television (BET). Leah began her career as a child actress at the age of 5. She then went into the music industry as a member of chart selling girl-band, Kleshay, signed to Sony Music. Leah is also the first and only black female presenter of Children’s ITV in its 30 year history. The shows she has presented have been viewed in many regions including the UK and Europe, USA, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, to a combined audience of over 90 million viewers. Despite many years as an accomplished entertainment presenter, Leah now has her sights set on female focused projects and activism with the media industry. She is a winner of the prestigious Screen Nation Award and also Best Woman In Media Award, from the Wise Women Foundation.

Twitter @leahcharlesking


Anthony, Director

Anthony David King is a British director and executive producer. His projects aim to impact, educate and inspire people. Anthony began his career in the music industry – creating and marketing media to millions of people, for some of the world’s most iconic music artists and brands, including MTV, Sony and BBC. Since then, he has been behind a number of independent and award-winning projects in media, the arts and also for the government.

Twitter @anthonydking


Elliott, Videographer / Editor

Elliott R.Dalrymple is an accomplished Videographer and Editor. He specialises in music videos and corporate film. Elliott has a unique way of telling your story through the editing process in post production. The newest member of the team, we are delighted to have him onboard!